Throughout my career, I have always considered multidisciplinary projects. I Built a strong experience working with different omics data from Bacteria, Humans and more recently Salmon. I had the chance to work in different International projects which allowed me to build a strong network of callaborators.

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Some of my projects

tbsnip image

This is the first version of TB-SNPs. TB-SNPs is a personal project and includes the mutational profile of 578 MTBC isolates distributed through the 7 MTBC lineages.

salmobase image

I am currently in charge of desining and building a data resource for salmonid species salmobase. The major goad of this data resource is to combine and connect different omics data to help undestanding the correlation between phenotype and genotype.

snptoolkit image

snpToolkit is a computational framework written in Python 3, that allows users to visualise, filter, annotate and combine Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) from vcf files generated using samtools mpileup, gatk HaplotypeCaller and freebayes.