Throughout my career I have analysed hundreds and hundreds of omics data of important humain pathogens like Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Neisseria meningitidis and Yersinia pestis. I have decided to start building new databases that ultimately will integrate all availble information about a particular genome, a particular gene or a particular genetic variation.

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tbsnip image

This is the first version of TB-SNiPs. TB-SNiPs includes the mutational profile of 578 MTBC isolates distributed through the 7 MTBC lineages.

yersiniadb image

This database still under construction and will include modern genomes as well as ancient genomes from the Bronze Age to the second plague pandemic.

salmobase image

I am currently in charge of redesining the salmon genome database ( I am adding new features to the database and most importantly trying to combine different data sources to ensure a better visualisation experience that will ultimately help undestanding the correlation between phenotype and genotype. salmobase is part of ELIXIR-NORWAY.