TB-SNPs 1.0


About TB-SNiPs

This is the first version of TB-SNPs. It's a personal project that I am developing and maintaing. TB-SNPs is a database that includes the mutational profile of 412 MTBC isolates distributed through the 7 MTBC lineages in addition to M. bovis/BCG samples. All SNPs were mapped to the reference genome of M. tuberculosis, strain H37Rv. Regarding genes annotation, I combined the data from three major databases which are Tuberculist, Cluster of Orthologous Groups classification and the KEGG database. TB-SNPs is meant to be simple and efficient with regular updates that will include in the near future the genomic data of about 1000 M. tuberculosis clinical isolates and new functionalities where users will be able to analyse their own data. TB-SNIPs was build using SQL, Django, Jinja, Bootstrap, Javascript and CSS.


Feel free to email me to provide your feedback, give suggestions or just say hello!